Analysis –

After unveiling her 1,990 page health care bill late this week, Speaker Pelosi hopes to have the bill on the House floor by Thursday with work possibly going into Saturday or even into the following week to finish consideration of the legislation. A manager’s amendment is expected to be introduced on Monday with additional details. However, no one is exactly sure how this will play out or if the Speaker has the necessary votes to pass the legislation. You can bet this will dominant the discussion in Washington.

Major Floor Action –

  • As early as Thursday the H.R. 3962, the new 1,990 page health care bill could be on the House floor. Heritage Analyst Nina Owcharenko outlines five major faults with the different health care bills be discussed by Congress here.
  • Bills expected earlier in the week including H.R. 2868, Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Act and H.R. 3639, Expedited CARD Reform for Consumers Act.

Major Committee Action –