Over half of Mexican nationals polled in a recent survey by Zogby International say that amnesty would create a massive influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico. With Mexico being the major source nation for illegal immigrants, this should serve as a wake up call to those in Congress calling for amnesty. Yet, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and others continue to claim that legalization measures within comprehensive immigration reform are the answer to the illegal immigration problems of the US. Apparently, the pro-amnesty camp is not worried about letting history repeat itself.

After the last amnesty bill in 1986, the US did indeed see a flood of illegal immigrants crossing the border. Numbers soared from an estimated 3 million illegal immigrants in the country to 12 million today. It should come as no surprise that upon seeing those already in the country being handed legal status and a path to citizenship, others sought to come to the US and simply wait out their chance. By granting another amnesty, we will not solve the illegal immigration problem, but simply put the country in the same place in another twenty years.

No matter what amnesty proponents claim, the amnesty of today will not end up looking any different from 1986. An honest solution to illegal immigration instead needs to increase border security, create avenues for legal immigration through temporary worker programs, build economic development in Latin America, and increase enforcement to force people to return home. Only by means of these actions can we truly begin to solve the problem of illegal immigration in the US.