Yesterday, Governor Jeb Bush praised President Obama for ‘being on the right track’ regarding education reform. We think there’s room for improvement when it comes to President Obama’s education stance, although he has promised to ‘use what works’ when considering reforms. However, if the President was true to his word he would have intervened when Congress voted to phase out the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program in April, which ultimately resulted in 216 low-income D.C. families being told the federal government was rescinding the scholarships that they had already been awarded earlier in the year:

I thought it was a sad decision, a horrific decision. In fact, the decision was unfortunately done without being in the light of day…If you disagree you ought to have the courage to say why, and we haven’t heard a reason…Of all the decisions [President Obama] has made…this is probably the worst.

Governor Bush is certainly on the right track. Bush put action behind words and since reforming Florida’s broken education system there have been dramatic and undeniable results. ‘What works’ in education is choice and freedom. What’s needed is the courage to stand up for what works.