Poor Dubya. Not even the 43rd president’s exercise regimen — biking and running in addition to hitting the White House gym — is safe from No. 44’s criticism.

Joe Curl wrote in The Washington Times the other day how President Obama and congressional liberals think the ol’ “blame Bush” refrain will keep working  for them in the  2010 midterm elections. (Karl Rove, for one, doubts it. “They have been doing that very intentionally in New Jersey and Virginia thus far,” the former president’s top strategist notes, “and both their candidates are behind.”)

One clue Curl missed in the Bush blame game, though, was in the dishy details of that 25-minute, friendly interview with Obama published Sunday by the Toledo Blade and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“President Bush biked a lot,” one of the four reporters and editors ventured. “Do you exercise daily?”

To which Obama replied:

I do, we got a little gym up there in the residence — treadmill, elliptical, and some weights. The biking thing or the running thing, the problem is that it really puts a strain on the Secret Service because they basically have to shut down a whole section and so I always feel guilty about asking them to do all that.”

Although Obama faulted Bush for such selfishness, he stopped short of calling it stupid.