Considering how Big Labor has been forcing our government to treat them, the only surprise is that this didn’t happen sooner:

WHISTLER, B.C. — Canadian mayors have ended their annual conference with a renewed call to shut out U.S. bidders from municipal stimulus spending.

Mayors narrowly passed a resolution saying as much at their annual conference in Whistler, B.C., on Saturday in retaliation for a “Buy American” policy south of the border that some say is costing jobs in this country.

Jean Perrault, outgoing president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, says all levels of government in Canada must work together to ensure free trade with the U.S.

Perrault, the mayor of Sherbrooke, Que., says the U.S. Congress has united Canada’s municipalities, provinces, territories and federal government with its “Buy American” policy.

The clause was added to the U.S. stimulus package to ensure U.S. taxpayer money creates jobs as unemployment has reached a 25-year peak in the recession-ravaged United States.