Earlier this week the AP reported:

Defense Secretary Robert Gates isn’t ruling out spending more on missile defense than what he’s asked for in next year’s budget if North Korea or other nations increase threats against the United States.

Gates said the missile tests by North Korea over the past week appear to have attracted more support on Capitol Hill for missile interceptors.

Seems Secretary Gates is reading Congress wll. Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) writes in today’s Chicago Tribune:

North Korea’s brazen act of aggression should strengthen our resolve for a tougher, smarter national security strategy that includes a multilayered missile defense system that protects our military personnel deployed in our country’s defense as well as citizens here at home.

I urge the president to reverse his opposition to a national missile-defense system. While I have been a strong supporter of his strategies for Iraq and Afghanistan, I have been disappointed by his decision to gut missile defense funding in his Defense Department budget proposal.