In the Foundry’s latest edition of ‘What’s Next?,’ we give you Obama Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s radical environmental proposal which the Telegraph describes as: “all the world’s roofs should be painted white as part of efforts to slow global warming.” Chu says he is in favor of “white roofs everywhere.” This is the same thinking that developed the ‘paint all cars black’ solution to global warming in California, Chu’s home state.

More importantly, buried deeper in the article below this new Tom Sawyer energy policy is a much more disturbing statement by Secretary Chu: “The US will move, inevitably it will move first, as a more developed country we should be moving first, and I hope China will follow.” Essentially, this is the Get Out of Jail Free Card that China has been waiting for. As America kills its economy to advance a Global Warming agenda, China gets to take all of those jobs, all of that manufacturing and all of that deregulation. But when it comes to China, this Administration’s strategy inevitably comes down to “hope.” And that’s the real whitewash. What’s Next?