This Sunday on This Week, Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) echoed a point we’ve been making for months: Guantanamo Bay is a distraction. The real issue is how to best establish a system for holding accountable and incapacitating terrorists in a detention framework that is lawful, durable, and internationally acceptable. Or as Webb put it:

I think Guantanamo has become the great Rorschach test of how we feel about international terrorism. We should, at the right time, close Guantanamo. But I don’t think that it should be closed, and in terms of transferring people here.

I think what has happened is Guantanamo has become the issue rather than how we process these people who were detained there.

On a lighter note, check out Webb’s reaction when pressed about the Obama administration’s self imposed January 23rd deadline for closing Guantanamo: