DIRKSEN SENATE OFFICE BUILDING – I am at the U.S. Senate Judiciary Hearing where Napolitano is testifying today. First time since her confirmation. Lots of folks in the audience of course–several from immigration groups.

DHS has focused on border security lately. This is a good thing– but we can’t tackle the drug cartel problem or secure the border without taking on illegal immgration. I hope that the Committee will question her on internal immigration enforcement.

UPDATE: Leahy cites Merida Initiative (this is a good thing) But then emphasizes why we need to release illegals that pose no threat instead of detaining them. Will Napolitano agree with him in her remarks?

Sessions introduced as new chair–replaces Specter–emphasizes the importance of rule of law. It is a good sign he started off with immigration enforcement. Only 1 ICE worksite enforcement since start of Obama Administration– dramatic decline since Bush. Sessions is hitting her hard on E-Verify and workplace raids.

UPDATE: Napolitano is speaking. Starts off; “Immigration can’t be border specific.” I definitely agree- the devil, however, will be in the details. She emphasizes immigration enforcement must start with employers.

We do need to stop employers from hiring illegals, but that alone won’t stop flow. It is both a supply and a demand problem.