The left knows they are loosing their fight for government run health care and they are losing badly. Following Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) admission yesterday that a public plan option was “a little off to the side of the table”, single payer advocates disrupted Baucus’s Roundtable Discussion on “Expanding Health Care Coverage” this morning. CongressDaily reports:

The Senate Finance Committee roundtable discussion on health care had a rough time getting started this morning. As Finance Chairman Max Baucus gaveled the hearing to a start, a man in a baseball cap who had secured a coveted seat in the audience stood up and yelled about a lack of single-payer health care representation in the debate to overhaul the nation’s healthcare system. A second single-payer supporter stood up with the same message, then another, and another. “We need more police,” Baucus joked. The spectacle ended with eight hecklers carted out of the room by the Capitol Police. Senators have taken single-payer — the form of health care that funnels payment through a single entity, usually the government — off the table as an option for comprehensive healthcare overhaul legislation. Republicans view it as a socialist form of government-run health care, and Baucus has acknowledged the country is not prepared to swing that far to the left to provide universal health care.