Senate Finance Committee’s Roundtable Discussion on “Expanding Health Care Coverage” was disrupted this morning by eight hecklers who yelled demands for single-payer health care before being removed from the room by Capitol Police. The disruptions came mere hours after hosted an “emergency” online briefing/conference call last night.

Democracy for America Executive Director Arshad Hashan told MoveOn members: “Health care is really just starting to heat up in Congress. And the fight is … to get real reform passed is starting literally this week, literally at a hearing tomorrow the Senate will talk about health care coverage.” Hashan was referring to the Senate roundtable held today.

Maybe MoveOn was steamed that Heritage health-care expert Stuart Butler is testifying about real solutions for expanding health care coverage that don’t include a public health insurance plan. They also could be worried that Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus and other Democrats may drop the public health insurance plan from health care reform efforts to win Republican approval.