At the end of last night’s press conference President Barack Obama insisted:

But I want to disabuse people of this notion that somehow we enjoy, you know, meddling in the private sector. … I’m always amused when I hear these, you know, criticisms of “Oh, you know, Obama wants to grow government.” No. I would love a nice, lean portfolio to deal with, but that’s not the hand that’s been dealt us.

But if the Obama is so eager to get General Motors and Chrysler out of his portfolio, then why was the Chrysler bankruptcy announced from the White House today instead of from Detroit or a federal court house?

If Obama is “not an auto engineer” then why is his EPA administrator telling NPR “The President has said that what this country needs is a one single national road map that tells automakers who are trying to become solvent again what kind of car it is they need to be designing and building for the American people”?

If Obama does not want to control the banks, then why is his Treasury Department not allowing some banks to pay back TARP money?

It is easy to say you do not enjoy meddling in the private sector. We just wish he would prove it.