To celebrate Earth Day, here is Kermit the Frog singing his standard “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” Sing along with the updated 2009 lyrics below.

It’s so expensive being green,
Having to pay for all the things big government needs,
When I think it could be nicer not being taxed,
for energy, or my car, or my home’s heating, things like that.

It’s so expensive being green,
It seems the taxes blend in with so many ordinary policies these days,
And people tend to pass them over, because they’re not standing out like flashy payroll taxes or spending that’s skyyy high.

But, green is the color of taxes,
and green can seem cool and friendly-like,
And green taxes will be big, like a mountain, or seem important like a river of debt,
or sacrifice jobs for a tree.

When green is all your allowed to be,
It can make you wonder why,
But why wonder, why wonder,
You’re green, and business won’t do fine, but you better get used to it.
It’s who you have to be.