Tomorrow, thousands of Americans across the country will organize on Tax Day to protest the tax, borrow, spend and bailout policies of Washington. Whether large or small, these demonstrations will all have one message in common: Enough! Over the past three months, Americans have seen an already out-of-control government spend their borrowed dollars as if a trillion dollars is a drop in the bucket.

After the bailouts that put the White House at the head of a number of major corporations; after a stimulus bill that the Congressional Budget Office said would lower our nation’s GDP at the cost of a trillion dollars, rebuild the welfare state and create few if any jobs; after an omnibus spending bill which combined with the stimulus bill raised discretionary spending nearly 80%; and now with a budget that increases spending by another trillion dollars, doubles our debt and plans an Energy tax that will hurt every American household; Americans are saying: Enough!

The President’s War on the American Dream doesn’t end there. After expanding the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) to include wealthy adults; after making a significant down payment on a government controlled national health care plan; after attempting to pass legislation that would take the secret ballot away from workers, that would allow bankruptcy judges to renegotiate your neighbor’s mortgage capital and interest at your expense, that would allow the U.S. Government to set wage and labor controls for every small business in America, Americans are saying: Enough!

So if you want to join your fellow Americans in a grassroots effort that started with nothing more than a few concerned citizens and a rallying cry, we have the information below for you to find them. As Fox News put it: “Conservatives may be catching up with their liberal counterparts in building a Web-driven, grassroots campaign to push their agenda.”

Liberals are going to dismiss this effort, and the media isn’t going to cover it. Leslie Marshall, a nationally syndicated radio host said “the mainstream media are not covering them because they’re not worthy of coverage…Last time I checked, Obama’s not taxing you to death — he is spending to stimulate the economy and he is an elected official.”

So, Leslie wants American voters to be quiet and take their tax hikes and spending and borrowing and bailing out, and accept that this is the America we now live in. After all, Obama is an elected official! Despite Leslie, and other members of the media elite who will try and ignore this groundswell, viral media organizations like Pajamas TV, Twitter and Facebook will allow everyone to have the power to say to the Leslie Marshall’s of the country: Enough!

Where to Find Your Local Tea Party:

Tax Day Tea Party: This site lists hundreds of events, including an interactive Google map, email contacts, facebook groups and local websites. It also has state-by-state sites to help get you to the event closest to your home.

TCOT Report: This site dedicated to the Top Conservatives on Twitter was one of the several driving forces of this movement and a great site for news on your local tea parties.

Smart Girl Politics: This conservative women’s network is supporting many Tea Party events, including the Washington, DC rally at Lafayette Park and the Treasury Building, where the President won’t be able to miss the American voices. Their site has a handy calendar and lots of local groups and information.

Tea Party Revolution: This site has tips on how to throw your local tea party, an events listing, and other resources.

Pajamas TV: This video site has tons of Tea Party resources including live coverage of tomorrow’s events.

Also Check Out:

Stop Spending Our Future: Watch the videos, in particular “Understanding the Crisis.” And, be sure to enter the video competition – maybe even using Tea Party footage. The $500 prize may even offset some of these new taxes! This site will give you all the goods on Heritage,  direct you towards ordering your free copy of the Constitution, and is currently giving away a free trip to see Rush Limbaugh at the Heritage Foundation President’s Club meeting in Washington on May 4.

Our “War on the American Dream” and “Tea Party Talking Points” Fact Sheets, easy-to-print and distribute at your local event.

Our Twitter: @Heritage is a great home for conservative updates.

Our Facebook Page: Over 12,000 fans and growing! Thanks everyone.

And if anyone has any other tips or information, feel free to leave a comment below for your fellow readers. Happy Tax Day!