First, we should thank all of the members of the Heritage Foundation, and our readers, followers and friends at The Foundry, Twitter and Facebook for the tremendous response to our contest. Clearly, America is not happy giving Her Majesty, the Queen of England, an iPod. We had over 500 entries in less than 36 hours, and most submissions were either really funny, or really thoughtful. So we had to pick two winners, to represent both types of responses.

Each winner will receive a copy of The Heritage Guide to the Constitution autographed by former Attorney General Edwin Meese III and an autographed copy of Heritage Fellow Rebecca Hagelin’s new book 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family, available in stores on Monday, April 5.   If you wish to continue sending us your ideas, comments or thoughts, please do!

And now, the envelope please…

The really thoughtful winner is Ken from Minneapolis: “The Smithsonian has the original plaster molds of Abraham Lincoln’s hands from the day after his inauguration – customary at the time. The right hand is swollen from all his handshakes and is demonstrated in the casting. I suggest a mounted bronze copy of the pair of hands as the gift. It would be a reminder of the courage of leadership which the Queen and England has demonstrated as well as a reminder of the freedoms fought and died for.”

Now that would a great present that would make America proud.

And the really funny winner is Andrew Ian Dodge: “President Obama could give the Queen GM since he has already given the Italians Chrysler.”

Now that’s funny.

We had some honorable mentions that we couldn’t share with you:

Many friends suggested the U.S. Constitution since we aren’t using it, but Eric from Laurel, Maryland was the first.

Another touching entry was from Christa Cooper Greenwood of Indiana who suggested: “A bound scrapbook with clippings and photos of the tour of the United States by her mother and father (King George VI and Queen Elizabeth) toured the United States in 1939.” 

Julie Fuerst suggested inviting the Queen to all of the tea parties we’re having! We thought that was a great idea.

Irv Eurto suggested a snow globe of the White House, made in China. We don’t think that is better, but it certainly sums up the iPod.

Many friends suggested either an autographed or inscribed Teleprompter. We think she probably had the opportunity to at least see the President’s on his visit.

Many suggested a moon rock to represent America’s pioneering spirit. Although Judy from Newport Beach, California had the best presentation planned down to the inscribed quote “Always Use the Word Impossible with the Greatest Caution.” Considering the Queen’s visit to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center during her 2007 U.S. visit, this might have been a very appropriate gift.

A National Treasure movie fan suggested “the treasure that can be found from the map on the back of the Declaration of Independence.” We think everyone would be thrilled with that fictional gift, but it definitely should not involve breaking into Buckingham Palace!

Cynthia from Laurel, Montana suggested “Based on her life-long interest in scouting (”Be prepared”), her traditional clothing that usually includes a broach, and a great photo of her as a child helping to change a car tire, I would have a custom gold broach made for her. It would have Montana yogo sapphires on it: they symbolize fidelity, many of the crown jewels include these distinctively colored yogos, and they are only available from Montana. The centerpiece of the broach would be a stylized tire iron (the old fashioned “x” kind). I would tell her that the gift symbolized her flair, her faithfulness in her service as Queen, and the fact that she has always been prepared for the work she faced.” Thoughtful indeed.

And finally others suggested the President’s autographed NCAA bracket, Lynyrd Skynyrd tickets, vacations with Nancy Pelosi, and of course bailout money. While these gifts ideas are certainly not appropriate for Queen Elizabeth II, these readers may want to apply for White House positions immediately.  They’re qualified.