Anticipating the arrival of Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Thursday, Mexican President Felipe Calderon called for the Obama Administration to violate U.S. citizen’s Second Amendment rights: “It is necessary to reduce the sale of weapons, particularly of high-powered weapons, in the United States.”

New federal gun control laws are not the answer to Mexican drug violence. Sen. John Barrasso (T-WY) stood up for American’s rights at a border hearing in El Paso Monday:

Some have suggested that we need to ban semi-automatic assault weapons to curb the violence. I don’t understand the rationale behind disarming law-abiding citizens. Why would you disarm someone when they potentially could get caught in the crossfire?

We have laws in place to tackle arms trafficking. The existing laws simply need to be fully enforced.

I will not allow our Second Amendment rights to be sacrificed. Additional gun control in the United States will not change the U.S. – Mexico border violence and smuggling problem. It will take trust, resources and leadership to defeat the cartels.

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) also understands that more federal resources and cooperation, not more federal laws, are the answer to increased border violence:

With the fighting between drug cartels in Mexico, our nation must be prepared to stop the terrible violence from coming into our country,” Rogers said. “Congress must do more to help support and financially aid first responders along the Southwest border to keep violence down and illegal immigrants out.