This Fox News story perfectly encapsulates why American workers deserve to keep a secret ballot for union organizing consistent with our democratic principles. Whether the union needs 51% of workers to sign on, or 75% of the workers to sign on; without a secret ballot, they will intimidate workers at their work, home and elsewhere until they get what they want. As the video shows, this method tears businesses, communities and friendships apart.

It is too bad this video couldn’t also demonstrate how the binding arbitration components of the Employee “No” Choice Act would have put the government in the drivers seat, intimidating the plant owner until he also gave the union whatever they liked. There is a better option. Instead of passing a bill legalizing these type of intimidation tactics, Congress should pass legislation allowing employers to pay individual workers more than a collective bargaining agreement calls for, eliminating false union wage ceilings that keep employees dependent on the union, allowing them to earn more money and be rewarded for outstanding performance.