That’s how the American voters feel.

In a poll conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of the American Petroleum Institute, 61 percent of Americans support access to oil and natural gas resources in federal waters on the Outer Continental Shelf and the Gulf of Mexico. Only 26 percent opposed. It should be noted that Harris conducted these interviews from February 13 – February 16, 2009, when gas prices were much lower than the $4-per-gallon prices we faced over the summer.

Another interesting find: When asked, “If you were to learn that President Obama’s Administration and Congress were developing regulations and laws to delay
or block domestic oil and natural gas production, would you support or oppose them? Is that strongly or somewhat?” 57 percent opposed while just 28% supported such regulations.

Survey results can be found here. More on increasing efficiency and reducing barriers here.

The best part is: You can help Free Our Energy.