Concern about our nation’s fiscal health has long been a priority for The Heritage Foundation. Since 2005, Heritage has partnered with a diverse coalition of public policy institutions to educate Americans about our nation’s true long-term financial condition and large and growing fiscal imbalance. Working with the Concord Coalition and the Brookings Institution, the Fiscal Wake-Up Tour, has conducted a series of town hall forums and editorial board briefings around the country to encourage Americans to demand action.

At President Barack Obama’s “Fiscal Responsibility Summit” today, Heritage vice president for domestic and economic policy studies Stuart Butler will deliver the following message:

  • The American people need to be behind any agreement if it is to work. Our experience with the Fiscal Wake-up Tour is that if Americans are given the facts in a bipartisan way, and the options are presented in a similar way, they will engage and will consider seniors changes.
  • President Obama has the opportunity, with congressional leaders, to lead that national conversation. We need Obama to lead an “official” FWUT.
  • Changing the budget process to show, front and center, the long-term fiscal picture is crucial to building public understanding and support for action.
  • A bipartisan commission or similar mechanism needs to be established, and to be guided by the national conversation, to push the legislative process to take significant action.