Townhall‘s Amanda Carpenter has obtained a United Food and Commercial Workers International Union that should send shiver’s down every worker’s spine:

“You’ll probe and start organizing campaigns, develop worker committees and conduct house calls to workers,” it says.

House calls to workers? Notice it doesn’t say “to members.” It says workers. That means these union advocates, also known as “thugs” in many locales, are going to be showing up on your doorstep to talk about card check, whether you want to talk about it or not. They’re going to be looking up home addresses and sending people out. Pulling in your driveway and knocking on your door.

Don’t tell me that’s not intimidation.

If you’re in DC, come see Rian Wathen, a former organizer for United Food and Commercial Workers Local 700 in Indianapolis, speak at Heritage next Monday. With his front line and inside experience Wathen will describe what American workers will have in store if the left in Congress succeeds in passing their card check legislation. You can also watch the presentation here.