The Drive By Media loves to paint conservatives as intolerant bigots any time we point out that illegal immigration costs American taxpayers trillions of dollars. But when the left inserts anti legal immigrant provisions into the stimulus, the media largely gives them a pass. As Tom Friedman reported yesterday the stimulus bill contained a provision that restricts “banks and other financial institutions that receive taxpayer bailout money from hiring high-skilled immigrants on temporary work permits known as H-1B visas.”

This is insane. As we have consistently argued here at the Heritage Foundation, H-1B workers are highly skilled and highly needed to help our economy grow. Research shows that technology companies hire five new workers for each H-1B visa for which they apply and that on average, the skills of each highly skilled H-1B worker support the jobs four Americans.

We should be increasing the cap on H-1B visas so that we have the best talent in the world to help fix our economy. Why does the left insist on shutting these legal immigrants out?