It should be no surprise that Americans favor new nuclear energy in the United States. Nuclear is clean, safe and affordable and already 20% of our electricity comes from commercial nuclear power plants. A new Rasmussen poll reaffirms American support for nuclear:

For three decades, nuclear power plants have generally been unpopular and the target of environmental groups, but 55% of voters now say more nuclear power plants should be built in the United States. Just 29% oppose new plants, with 15% undecided.”

There’s a couple things Congress can do that will bring the undecided and even some of the naysayers to the majority.

1.) Fix the problem of nuclear waste.
2.) Create a stable, regulatory environment that will lead to economic predictability when it comes to the cost of new nuclear plants.
3.) Fast-track new nuclear reactors.

Also interesting from the poll,

Investors certainly like the idea of new plants, too. Sixty-three percent (63%) want to see new nuclear plans built.”

This should give clear indication that more federal handouts aren’t necessary to rebuild the U.S. nuclear industry. In fact, it’s already being built before construction of a plant has even commenced. For more, read here.