As the sun sets on the Bush presidency, it is important to honor the man who answered the call to public service, provided us leadership in a time of great consequence, and held his office with dignity and courage. The Heritage Foundation sometimes disagreed with President George W. Bush on policy, but never on our love for our nation. President Bush strove for innovative solutions to America’s dilemmas, just as we do. He looked across this nation and saw the answers to most problems were in the hearts of great Americans, not the heart of the national government.

When President Bush spoke at Heritage on Nov. 1, 2007, he said: “The lessons of the past have taught us that liberty is transformative. And I believe 50 years from now an American President will be speaking to Heritage and say, ‘Thank God that generation that wrote the first chapter in the 21st century understood the power of freedom to bring the peace we want.’ ”

President Bush put a large stake in the freedom and liberty of others. He ultimately will be judged at the lofty level of how many people were granted these eternal rights, and how many seized the opportunities he afforded them.

Today, we simply ask that blessings abound for President and Mrs. Bush in the next chapter of their lives together. As he leaves office, our homeland is secure, Americans are inspired and the greatness of our country once again is on display to the world. Thank you.