If the tide on global warming is beginning to shift, and climate scientists who believe global warming is a serious threat are looking for a job, look no further:

An economic stimulus plan released by House Democrats yesterday would pump more than $1 billion into climate science at federal agencies, including long-ailing environmental satellite programs.

The $825 billion proposal would also provide tens of billions of dollars for the programs to encourage energy efficiency and develop renewable and alternative fuels and technology to capture and sequester carbon dioxide emitted by power plants.

The House bill’s strong emphasis on science agencies is unusual for a supplemental spending bill, let alone one aimed at propping up the sagging economy, experts said.”

Now’s not the time to point out the egregiousness of the entire stimulus plan; we have an entire website dedicated to that available here. This is the time to look at how the money is actually being spent. As evidenced above, it’s not being spent wisely.