The Washington Post reports today:

An influential group of large U.S. corporations and environmental organizations have forged a detailed blueprint for limiting greenhouse gases in the hope of shaping and pushing forward climate change legislation this year.

The U.S. Climate Action Partnership says its ability to reach consensus is a crucial step forward since its 32 members include corporate giants such as General Electric, Conoco Phillips, Duke Energy, DuPont and General Motors as well as the Environmental Defense Fund and World Resources Institute.

The Los Angeles Times reports today:

Supporters of L.A. solar energy ballot measure raise $267,000

Two-thirds of the money comes from groups affiliated with DWP unions. Its workers would install 400 megawatts of solar panels if the measure is approved.

These are two stories about the same thing. It is pure myth that liberals/progressives are enemies of big business. The left LOVES big business. Who else could possibly afford exorbitant big labor contracts? As Amity Shlaes details in her book The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression, the New Deal was not about big government punishing big business. It was about big business, big labor, and big government getting together in one room to screw over small businesses and tax payers. That is why the New Deal extended the Depression a decade longer it had to be. It is looking more and more like history is about to repeat itself.

UPDATE: Forgot to include this story from Gateway Pundit:
Surprise!… Obama’s Climate Czar Is Board Member of Major Carbon Offset Company …Update: Her Husband Lobbied on Energy Issues