Everyone has been so excited about the Obama children’s first week in school in the District. As a parent I am happy that the President-elect and Mrs. Obama have found an incredible school, the prestigious Sidwell Friends School in Northwest D.C., that meets their children’s educational needs. Of course, I am even more excited that it brings to the forefront a parent’s right to choose a quality school for their children. In all of my years working with District parents, I have found that their first thought turns to whether their children are enrolled in the best school for their particular needs.

In the District, I have seen children flourish in all kinds of schools. There are educational options (charter schools, Opportunity Scholarship Program, etc.) that are available, especially to those families who don’t have the resources or the right address and are forced to send their children to schools that do not serve them well. How wonderful to see that Sasha and Malia will have a chance to be in an academic environment chosen by their parents, which gives them the best opportunity for a quality education.

I believe that this is a wonderful testament to the importance of parents having an opportunity to play a strong role in how and where their children are educated.

If the President-elect and his wife understand this, they should also understand that all families deserve the opportunity to send their children to the school that best meets their learning needs. As President, Mr. Obama can help make that a reality for more D.C. families by supporting the expansion of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program.