Was the Real Target Indo-Pak Peace? – Peter Brookes
The Indians claim al Qaeda doesn’t exist in their country, and the lack of suicide bombers lends credence to the idea it wasn’t Osama’s cronies. Yet his direction or inspiration for an attack can’t be ruled out – many of the suspect groups have al Qaeda ties[…]

Unleash the Investment Risk Watchdogs – Stuart Butler
They certainly failed to spot the subprime market fiasco and resulting meltdown. But it turns out that they have a history of failing to give investors adequate warning. They only gave a few days warning, for instance, that Enron was headed for bankruptcy[…]

Bankruptcy, Not a Bailout – Ed Feulner
Stockholders may soon decide to frame their certificates and hang them on the wall, something some already do with certificates from 1940s-era carmaker Tucker Corp. After all, stock in these industrial giants may soon have little more than novelty value. In short, Detroit’s “Big Three” automakers are almost out of cash and must do something drastic if they hope to fix themselves. The only question is: Will they take action now, or burn through billions in federal funding first?[…]

Gratitude and the Good Life – Jennifer Marshall and Jessica Prol
Since persistent financial problems are commonly linked to depression, Krause’s work is concerned with identifying factors that might alleviate those depressive symptoms. His recent paper is a longitudinal study of the elderly, observing the role gratitude plays in their coping with financial strain, and how religion shapes a sense of gratitude[…]

The Real Cost of Global Warming – Ben Lieberman
Concern that carbon dioxide and other green­house gases are gradually warming the planet has emerged as the major environmental issue of the day, and certainly the most hyped one. Carbon diox­ide is a naturally occurring component of the air, but is also the ubiquitous and unavoidable by-product of fossil fuel combustion, which currently provides 85 percent of America’s energy. Thus, any effort to substantially curtail such emissions would have extremely costly and disruptive impacts on the economy and on living standards[…]