Snow in London (Photo by Newscom)

As the House of Commons in England was debating global warming legislation, something happened that hasn’t occurred since 1922. Snow started to fall in October. Since the late 1980s, the left has been warning us of impending doom. Liberals say that the Earth’s temperature is rising and that carbon emissions are to blame. Is this really the case? Or are things happening outside of human control?

The left would have you believe that it is the fault of human intervention. Liberals have even resorted to politicking fear. The warned the Arctic ice caps could melt this summer. That didn’t happen. Al Gore wants you to believe the polar ice caps will melt in 20 years. Why is that?

The left has long been a proponent of big government, and on this issue, liberals can gain some sympathy in the name of “saving the world.” But do supporters even believe their own rhetoric? When Gore gave a speech in Washington this summer, he urged attendees to take public transportation or ride their bikes. Here is what happened: Gore’s SUV motorcade idled with the air conditioning running for 20 minutes.

Even under President Bush, the Department of the Interior got into the action. Bureaucrats placed the polar bear on the Endangered Species List despite the fact that its population is increasing. Now the Environmental Protection Agency wants to use the Clean Air Act to regulate everything from speed limits to lawn mower emissions. This would cripple the economy as enforcing these regulations would result in higher taxes for everyone. They need to be stopped.

Conservatives have long argued there should be more debate on global warming. Recent trends in Washington suggest our government could be headed in the opposite direction by giving bureaucrats the power and authority to impose ardous regulations on Americans. That’s one reason we created a website called Stop the EPA to give you the means to make your voice heard.