Two days after asking Barack Obama to pull a false and misleading ad citing The Heritage Foundation, the campaign has not yet responded to the request. Heritage’s attorney, Alan P. Dye, today contacted TV stations directly to stop airing the ad. Dye’s letter was sent to TV stations across the country where the Obama ad is running.

The ad implies The Heritage Foundation supports Obama’s tax plan even though neither Heritage nor analyst Rea Hederman said what is quoted in the ad. The text of the letter to TV stations is below.

Dear General Manager:

We are informed that your station has been running advertisements placed by Obama for President that contain false statement concerning my client, The Heritage Foundation. The ads and the reason for their falsity are described in my attached letter to the Obama campaign. The campaign has apparently ignored my letter and continues to run the false ad.

As a responsible media outlet, we assume that you take seriously your obligation to ensure that advertisements appearing on your station do not mislead the public with false information. Accordingly, we respectfully request that your station discontinue the publication of these ads.

Further information about The Heritage Foundation’s position on the Obama and McCain tax plans can be obtained at After reading them, we are sure you will agree that it is misleading in the extreme for the Obama campaign to suggest that The Heritage Foundation believes that Senator Obama’s tax plan would be better for middle class Americans than the plan proposed by Senator McCain.

Very truly yours,
Alan P. Dye