A round-up of Op-Eds by The Heritage Foundation

If Democrats Win it All: Obama, Congress Will Get Best Red Tape Your Tax Money Can Buy – Ronald D. Utt
With free markets on the defensive, a sweep of both branches of government by advocates of bigger government will lead to legislative efforts to impose new regulations on business and consumers, and judging by campaign rhetoric, these new regulations will concentrate in the areas of finance, environment and energy.[…]

Memo to Congress: Make Jobs, not Work – Stuart Butler
I lived where that theory was put to the test for decades: in Britain during the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. The prevailing view then was that the secret to economic growth was for Parliament to take money from one group of people and use it to hire people to do things (like building roads, bridges and ships). The actual result? One of the slowest-growing economies in the West.[…]

Slump at the Pump no Reason for Complacency – Ben Lieberman
Last summer’s record-breaking oil and gasoline prices — $147 per barrel and $4.11 per gallon — finally woke up Congress, which took a positive step by eliminating restrictions on drilling in 85 percent of our territorial waters. But as prices dip below $3 per gallon and the memory of $80 summertime fill-ups fades, some in Congress talk about reinstating the moratorium on offshore drilling after the elections.[…]

A Problematic Prescription – Ed Feulner
Earlier this year, the state decided to offer universal health care to children. The so-called “Keiki Care” program promised to ensure anyone under 18 who didn’t already have health insurance. However, just seven months into the experiment, Hawaii is canceling the program.[…]

Misunderstanding the Role of Judges – Deborah O’Malley
While Powell is correct in highlighting the importance of judicial issues in the upcoming election, his comments reveal an all-too-common misunderstanding of the role of judges. Rather than scrutinizing judicial nominees based on their perceived political leanings, the next president should appoint judges who apply the law regardless of their own policy preferences.[…]