According to the Columbus Dispatch, Ohio’s inspector general is investigating why a state agency director approved checking the state child-support computer system for information on “Joe the Plumber.” The Dispatch reports:

Helen Jones-Kelly, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, confirmed today that she OK’d the check on Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher following the Oct. 15 presidential debate.

She said there were no political reasons for the check on the sudden presidential campaign fixture though the Support Enforcement Tracking System.

No political reasons? Really? According to Open Secrets, Jones-Kelly has maxed out on donations to Barack Obama. This should come as no surprise since state and local governments employees are forced to join unions which give 99% of their money to Democrats and actively campaign for them.

So watch out all you ‘Joe the Plumbers’ out there. Should you dare question Barack Obama, the Helen Jones-Kelly’s of the world will be snooping through your file too.