California’s Air Resources Board issued its final draft of an economy-wide plan that would slash the state’s emissions about 15% below today’s level by 2020. California voters and state legislators will not get to vote on the plan. Just like the EPA’s power grab at the federal level, unelected government officials already hold the fate of the entire economy in their hands. The Air Resource Board can turn its plan into law by its own vote this December.

The environmental left is making fantastic claims to justify this unprecedented expansion of government power. The Los Angeles Times reports: “Environmentalists praised the blueprint as ‘an economic stimulus plan’ that could spur a ‘clean tech’ economy similar to Silicon Valley’s technological boom.”

An “economic stimulus plan”? Are they serious? Back in the real world where the European Union has actually begun to implement its carbon capping plan, it is exceedingly clear that capping carbon is a job and economy killer. That is why industry leaders throughout Europe are demanding the EU suspend its carbon capping laws. Italian Environment Minister Stefania Prestigiacomo told the Wall Street Journal:

Does it make sense to ask companies for such a large sacrifice, and risk hitting citizens’ pockets at such a delicate moment, all for environmental policy whose efficacy is questionable?

California voters should be asking themselves the same question when the Air Resource Board decides in December.