Earlier this morning, at the Defending the American Dream Summit hosted by Americans For Prosperity, I attended a blogging seminar hosted by my colleague at Heritage, Rob Bluey. He spoke to an audience of AFP members ranging in age and experience. He provided an overview of everything that is needed to know about blogging.

It is an important step for conservatives, young and old, to embrace the web. For far too long the right has trailed the left online. There is no reason for it. Americans For Prosperity and RightOnline are on the forefront of conservative activism and Heritage is proud to partner with them. Embracing new technology is vital to promoting our message in this ever changing world.

Bluey also mentioned why establishing the narrative is important and how it can be done through blogging. The left often establishes online narratives for policy issues, most notably on FISA. The right has had a few victories, though. A few days ago when “Saturday Night Live” removed a video about the bailout critical of liberals, the right-leaning blogosphere came out against it (including this post by Heritage’s Conn Carroll). NBC put the video back online (albeit edited, but back online nonetheless).

These victories are few and far between, but they do not have to be. Bluey spoke to a very enthusiastic audience today. Our hope is that they will go out and start blogs of their own because, whether they think so or not, they can make a difference.