A round-up of Op-Eds from The Heritage Foundation

Job Jitters – James Sherk
America has faced much more serious problems in the past. If you have a job today that isn’t directly affected by housing markets or energy prices, you have little to fear from reports of rising unemployment.[…]

Mr. Smith Didn’t Do This – Michael Franc
Beginning in the 1990s, this narrative goes, free market, Republican extremists told government regulators to take a hike so the barons of high finance could indulge in an economic free-for-all, thus producing our current travails. Numbered among these extremists, it seems, is retired liberal Rep. Jim Leach (R., Iowa), who coauthored a deregulatory measure now being ritualistically denounced by the Left.[…]

Nuclear Crunch for U.S.-India – Lisa Curits
Skeptics who argue the deal will harm international nonproliferation efforts miss the broader picture. They ignore India’s rising political and economic clout, its responsible record on nonproliferation, and the role it can play in international efforts to deal with the most serious proliferation threats of the 21st century.[…]

A Free-Market Fix – Ed Feulner
Any day now, lawmakers are expected to agree to invest some $700 billion — more than the country spent on the first five years of the Iraq war — to restore the financial markets. But lawmakers should also be careful to protect taxpayers.[…]

A Tale of Two Hackers – Andrew Grossman
Consider two cases. In one, a suburban housewife posed as a teenage boy on MySpace to learn more about her daughter’s on-again, off-again friend. In the other, a gang of computer geeks broke into the personal e-mail account of a vice-presidential candidate because they were seeking smear material.[…]