Roundup of Op-Ed’s from the Heritage Foundation

By Nick Loris and James Gattuso

Regardless of whether such an assertion holds true for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, that argument does not hold water for the auto industry. Not only are the Big Three a smaller portion of the auto market than a generation ago, but even in the event of bankruptcy, their assets would not simply disappear.[…]

By: Helle Dale

[…]Mrs. Palin managed to illustrate was the bias of Mr. Gibson in particular and liberal-leading reporters in general, who let’s face it are the majority. To them, “the Bush doctrine” is a code word what they consider objectionable and sinister about the Bush foreign policy over eight years in office.[…]

By: Ed Feulner

Often, just having defense in place can prevent an enemy from bothering to invest in an offensive weapon. If Iran realizes American land- and sea-based missile defenses could shoot down any missiles it launched, it may well decide not to bother going ahead with its missile-building scheme.[…]

By: Danielle Doane

The US Constitution requires that all bills regarding taxation must originate in the House of Representatives – and hence in Ways and Means. It’s the oldest standing committee in Congress, created in 1789 to handle the “financial matters” before the House[…]

By: Stuart Butler

One idea now gaining ground is to create a National Health Board (NHB). Advocates say this would be like a kind of Federal Reserve Board of health. The Fed’s independence allows it to set interest rates and manage the banking system largely insulated from interest-group pressure. […]