Democratic National Convention

DENVER – Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a press conference today at Denver’s downtown Union Station and, believe it or not, she came to praise Richard Nixon. It’s not his birthday or anything, but in her continued attempt to find any traction for her energy policies Pelosi praised President Nixon for embarking on his Project Independence in 1974. Nixon was the last American president to implement prices controls on the American economy, and Pelosi had nothing but great things to say about his post OPEC oil embargo efforts to make the United States energy independent.

Pelosi’s command and control energy mandates and subsidies are a match made in heaven with Nixon’s price-control loving ways. Of course, complete energy independence is just as much of a fantasy now as it was then, but at least Pelosi didn’t try and convince the audience what a great alternative to fossil fuels natural gas was.

UPDATE — Aug. 27, 9:42 a.m.: Ed Frank of Americans for Prosperity shot video at this event. It includes Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s response to the “drill here, drill now” chants as well as her transportation home — a giant SUV.