From the comments on the so called Webb GI Bill:

I am an active duty military officer with multiple Iraq deployments and continuing an active duty career.

It is time for veterans to be intellectually and philosophically honest and oppose this new brand of federal welfare sweeping through Congress in the name of patriotism and “serving those who have served” and all the other platitudes that are greasing the skids of the rapidly expanding welfare state. The left, intentionally or not, is scoring a huge government expansion win by targeting traditionally conservative, limited-government constituencies, with the federal largess.

When do the expansive benefits of the military become the modern equivalent of the Quartering Act of 1765? Perhaps it is time to take a liberal weapon — the expansive and malleable interpretation of the Constitution — and launch some Third Amendment challenges to the bloated veteran and military benefit programs out there.

As a mid-career junior officer, I was paid the taxable equivalent of more than $169,000 last year (about the same as a Congressman). Enlistment goals remain consistently met in excess of 100%. But we keep expanding pay and benefits and finance our bloated bureaucracy by borrowing from Red China.

I canceled my VFW lifetime membership, because I now see that organization is “Veterans For Welfare”.

Stop the expansion of the federal welfare state, stop the federal dollar domination of the academy that is fueling sky-rocketing tuitions.

Let me tell you a dirty little secret. This is note the “next greatest generation”. After years of warfare, wee are still barely scratching mere hours of World War II combat casualties.

Be honest. Starting with yourself.

– Publius, Washington D.C.