Earlier today Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue signed legislation (HB 1133) to create a $50 million school choice tax credit program. The legislation will allow individuals and businesses to take a dollar-for-dollar credit on state taxes for contributions to non-profit groups that fund tuition scholarships. In all, Georgia taxpayers can claim $50 million in tax credits for donations to scholarship organizations.

The Alliance for School Choice estimates that will fund as many as 10,000 scholarships:

“With his actions today, Governor Perdue has sealed his legacy as one of America’s foremost ‘education governors,’” said Lori Drummer, director of state projects for the Alliance. “Georgia is now a national leader in a school choice movement that is gaining momentum.”

The Alliance for School Choice congratulated Rep. David Casas, the House sponsor of the bill, and Sen. Eric Johnson, who shepherded the bill through the Senate, for their leadership. According to Drummer, the Georgia Family Council was also instrumental in educating the public about the tax credit bill’s benefits.

This is great news for Georgia families and taxpayers. Last year, Georgia became the thirteenth state to support private school choice by enacting a voucher program for children with special needs. To learn more about school choice programs across the country, see this Heritage report from February.

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