The Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund purchased a full page ad May 10 in the New York Times (here in pdf) supporting the Lieberman-Warner  cap-and-trade bill, called the “Climate Security Act”  One sentence  in huge bold-face type yells: “THE ECONOMIC STIMULUS PLAN THAT CAN SAVE THE WORLD.” Apparently the NRDC believes the louder a blatant lie is told, the better.

The small print in the ad goes on to explain: “Tackling global warming will generate a jobs program of epic proportions. … All told, going greener will create millions of new American jobs and pour billions of dollars into our struggling economy.”

Well, somebody forget to tell the authors of the “Climate Security Act” about all these millions of net jobs the bill will create. The bill contains a provision that would charge huge tariffs on goods from countries that don’t have  similar carbon-emissions caps on their economies. Huge trading partners like China, Mexico and India would all be affected.

But if the emissions cap is the “economic stimulus” claimed by the NRDC, then why is it necessary to include these tariffs? Shouldn’t all the new energy-saving technology allow the U.S. to compete at absolutely no cost?

But don’t trust us about the sure economic hardships that Lieberman-Warner will create. Just ask Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), who told the Cleveland Plain Dealer last week:

I have serious concerns about any climate-change bill that doesn’t take into account energy-intensive industries like we have in Ohio — glass and chemicals and steel and aluminum and foundries.

Apparently, the NRDC took out an ad in the wrong paper. For honest accounting on the consequences of Lieberman-Warner, check out Heritage’s “The Economic Costs of the Lieberman-Warner Climate Change Legislation” today.