Since the importance of free trade extends well beyond just NAFTA, The Foundry is renaming our “NAFTA Myth of the Day” feature to “Free Trade Fact of the Day.” Today we highlight Rep. Jim Matheson (D-UT) who was swayed by a recent trip to Colombia, to support the Colombia free trade deal curently being held up by protectionist progressives in Congress. Matheson told the Salt Lake Tribune: “There’s just been a real transformation in this country. This is a country that has made tremendous strides to provide security for its population …[however], they’re clearly very open about all the challenges they face.” The Tribune further reports:

Matheson says a fair trade agreement with Colombia – the U.S. already has an agreement with Central American countries as well as Mexico and Canada – would help augment the relationship between the U.S. and Colombia and boost the economics of both as well. He added that the delegation, organized by the Commerce Department, also spent time learning how Colombian officials are fighting to curb the production of drugs in the nation and how the United States may be able to help stem the flow of cocaine.