Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) has crafted a conservative agenda for the 2008 session consisting of 10 legislative ideas that he and his conservative allies in the Senate will force debate on this year. As chairman of the Senate Steering Committee, DeMint holds a unique role among Republicans.

He will outline his agenda at Heritage today at 2 p.m., making the conservative case for smaller government, traditional values and a strong national defense. DeMint plans to talk about the country’s looming entitlement crisis, cutting individual and corporate tax rates to spur economic growth, securing our borders, and stopping corruption at the United Nations.

Heritage chose DeMint’s speech to make its debut on, a video streaming website where users can watch events live. DeMint’s embrace of technology to further conservative causes, coupled with his important address on conservatism, make this a perfect opportunity for both the Heritage and the senator to embrace