President Bush should be commended for recognizing the need to expand nuclear energy in the United States. As a CO2-free, safe, affordable source of energy, nuclear power can help reduce atmospheric emissions while meeting America’s growing energy demands. His call to “trust in the creative genius of American researchers and entrepreneurs” to pioneer new energy technologies will be critical to the future success of nuclear power in the United States.

Although America has contributed little to the world of commercial nuclear technology in recent decades, the reemergence of nuclear power as an option to meeting global energy demand will offer numerous opportunities for the United States to reclaim its lead in commercial nuclear technologies.

The freedom to invest, invent and profit is what made America the birthplace of nuclear technology and that same environment can give rise to the next generation of nuclear reactors and related technologies. Following the President’s lead, Congress should provide regulatory certainty and move aside as America’s private sector gets to the business of leading the world through the nuclear renaissance.