We are pleased to announce that Heritage Libertad, our Spanish-language website, is getting a facelift.

For the past year and a half, The Heritage Foundation has been leading the conservative movement in taking our work, research, and policy analysis to Hispanics across the United States through Heritage Libertad. As a result, we have become a ubiquitous presence in talk radio, television, and online and print publications speaking in defense for liberty and freedom.

We here at The Heritage Foundation refuse to believe that Hispanics are a monolithic ethnic group convinced that a bigger government is the answer to solving our country’s problems.

As conservatives, we should work to ensure that every single American understands the perils of an increasingly expansive and intrusive federal government and how reckless spending is burdening our country with debt that will limit opportunity for all. This is a message that Hispanics—the fastest-growing demographic—should understand.

What’s more, Hispanics should be made aware that liberal policies are actually making it increasingly difficult for them to live out the American Dream. Education policy is a great example underscoring liberal failures in being unable to bridge the racial achievement gap despite increased federal control and spending. Thankfully, recent polling suggests that Hispanics are open to conservative responses to fixing our failing school system, such as school choice and increased accountability.

Heritage Libertad is just one of the many tools The Heritage Foundation is using to ensure that Hispanics understand why conservative policy prescriptions, grounded in liberty, are the best way to ensure that our great country remains a place for economic opportunity and a beacon of liberty to the world.

We encourage you to help spread this message and the work we are doing at The Heritage Foundation.